Forget the actors, producers, directors and musicians who have won prizes on the Golden Globes of this evening, because the real star of the night is chosen by social media – and it is none other than a water girl. Brunette model Kelleth Cuthbert, who was hired by Fiji water to serve her product to guests on the red carpet, is the unlikely "queen". became the prize-giving ceremony this year after seeing photobombing several A-listers – quickly becoming a viral star in the process. In a few of the photo's the model in Los Angeles can be seen with her face turned away from the camera – but it is the photo's on which she shows a sly smile directly in the lens that draws the attention of Twitter has drawn, and that deserves its respect.

Star of the show: a model hired by Fiji water to promote his product on the red carpet at the Golden Globes has acquired viral fame for photobombs of countless stars, including Judy Greer

One of them: Kelleth Cuthbert, who was named Fiji water lady on Twitter, looked exactly like one of the guests in her blue dress on the floor.

A dream moment: the model, from Los Angeles, lived the dreams of many people by putting this as close as possible to Bodyguard-star Richard Madden

Good friends: Kelleth came close to stars like Lucy Boynton in a few of the snapshots that it almost seemed like she was attending the prizes with them

Brazen: some Twitter users noticed that Kelleth's smile looked a bit sinister in some of the photo's: Fiji Water Lady owned by the Golden Globes, a person tweette , while another joined: & # 39; The Fiji Water Girl literally lives her best life! Some people even argued that Kelleth's few minutes in the spotlight would lead to bigger and better things for her – while they also joked about her slightly sinister expression in a few photos. & # 39; By the end of the night Fiji water lady gets a movie deal or she will have killed several celebrities & # 39 ;, wrote a person. Meanwhile, the magazine Glamor praised her ability to take advantage of the situation by tweeting: "This woman is nowhere nominated, she just keeps Fiji water for the celebs on the red carpet while she milks for everything worth it. is and we live. SERVE IT, QUEEN. Kelleth, or Fiji water lady as she was baptized on Twitter, has certainly lived the fantasy of many Hollywood pendants, which appeared on photos with some of the brightest stars in the industry. To name but a few, the woman was taken aback by actress Judy Greer, Bodyguard star and Golden Globe winner Richard Madden, Crazy Rich Asians & Costance Wu, Lucy Boynton of Bohemian Rhapsody and breakthrough Kiki Layne .

It almost succeeded! In some of the photo's, Kelleth has been pushed aside, like in this picture of Constance Wu, while others see her as being more prominent

To be shy? Some Twitter users joked that & # 39; Fiji water lady & # 39; just like the rest of us was – unable to look directly at handsome hunk Idris Elba

Look away! Kelleth was cut with a number of prominent ladies, including Kaley Cuoco (left) and Molly Sims (right)

What is it? In a number of images, the model is viewed in the distance, including this snap of William H Macy that they are in the background of

Pucker on! Kelleth even managed to find a way to the background of a kissing picture of Heidi Klum and her new fiancé Tom Kaulitz

Oh hello there: Fiji water lady, seen posing with Entertainment Tonight presenter Carly Steel (right) and activist and philanthropist Irena Medavoy, was hailed as the "Queen" & # 39; of the awards on TwitterKelleth even managed to sneak into the background of a romantic kissing shot of Heidi Klum and her new fiancé Tom Kaulitz. And it looks like she is already making her first celebrity interviews, during the LA Times at the event, where she admitted that she had worked out a strategy for achieving the best photo bomb. & # 39; It's all strategic, & # 39; she explained. & # 39; You must compromise. & # 39; The publication added that Kelleth & # 39; pink & # 39; was to hear that her hard work for the brand was noticed on social media. Kelleth seemed grateful for media attention and shared a few fragments of articles about her viral glory on her Instagram story after she had shared a candid photo of herself on the red carpet – without one of her new famous friends. Not the worst way to spend a Sunday … & # 39; she subtitled the image that flashes her famous smile over a shoulder to the camera.

Superstar: Kelleth was by & # 39; social media fans & # 39; the & # 39; Queen of the Red Carpet & # 39; called

The true star of the show: Twitter users could not contain their enthusiasm about the photobombing skills of Kelleth, and its image was quickly converted into multiple memes

Thank you, Fiji water lady & # 39 ;: a Twitter user praised Kelleth because she taught us & # 39; & # 39; that you & # 39; always in the background of someone else's moment & # 39; smulgly can stay.

Ominous! Another person pointed out that the model looked somewhat sinister in the background of so many images. Although this is perhaps her most striking appearance so far, this is not the first time that Kelleth has left her mark for the cameras – exactly the opposite. The model – represented by Wilhemina, the same body that Kendall Jenner provided at the beginning of her fashion career – posed for several editorial shoots, as well as a few brands with a smaller name. Images from her online portfolio show her models in a wide range of shoots, from sporty photos to saucy images of hair in sexy lingerie and sheer shirts. Whether her moment in the limelight as Fiji water lady gives her modeling career a boost, Kelleth can be safe in the knowledge that she has cemented her name into the list of viral meme stars. Within a few minutes after her images spread on the Internet, someone had already set up a spoof Twitter account called Fiji Water Girl, with one of the first tweets posted as follows: & # 39; I'm just serving water from Fiji and have been cute. & # 39; Who is the real star, Sandra? & # 39;