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Our mobile is the nerve center of our entertainment and our communications, which is why it is so annoying when, suddenly, it does not work as it should. One of the most repeated failures among many users is when they only allow emergency calls because the mobile network not available. What do I do in this situation?

In these lines, we analyze, not only why this message usually appears on the screen, but some of the most common solutions for this problem, at the same time we can try to discern if the failure It is on the phone itself, on the operator that gives us the line or on the SIM card

Why does my phone say that the network is not available?

If you have come this far it is because you have in your hands an Android phone, be it Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Realme or any other brand (none is free) that shows the message that «The mobile network is not available«. This loss of service limits even the most basic functions and can be caused by a variety of problems, including hardware problems.

Generally, the reason for this problem is one of the following:

  • You are in a place with no coverage
  • The phone has been locked by IMEI
  • The SIM card is damaged
  • There is a problem on the phone

Regarding the first two situations, you cannot do more than test the phone in another area to see if the signal recovers or wait a few minutes, there is nothing you can do with the phone other than follow these tips to improve mobile coverage.

To find out if the phone has been blocked by IMEI, you should contact your telephone operator from another phone and check if there is a problem with it. By the way you can check if there are problems with the line that imply the appearance of this message.

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Is it a phone or SIM problem?

huawei and sim card with yellow background

Detect if the problem is in the mobile or the SIM not that it is too complicated.

The data stored on the SIM card gives your phone something like an address for a network to find and vice versa. One of the most common causes of the appearance of “Mobile network not available” message is that the SIM card does not make correct contact, either due to a blow received by the phone or for any other reason. To verify if the SIM card is properly connected to the device, you must turn off the phone, remove the SIM card, and clean any dust particles that may be interfering with the card connectors. Once it’s ready, put it back on and see if this solves the problem. If not, you will want to consider the next option carefully.

If not, insert the SIM card into another phone and see if the error goes away. If the problem continues to appear on the screen, it is with the SIM card and you will have to contact the operator to get another one. If it works well, we move on to trying to fix the phone.

Fix the network problem on mobile

mobile coverage

Restart the phone

The easiest to try, and often the most effective way, to resolve a poor signal problem on the smartphone is to reboot the device. It’s as simple as holding down the power button and selecting the appropriate option

Restarting the device will erase the random access memory and will reset any processes that may be interfering with the optimal performance of the device and, of course, accessing the data network. Check if you can use it normally when you turn on the device again.

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If this doesn’t fix your problem, don’t give up! We still have many potential solutions to try.

Airplane mode is your ally

The logical thing is to think that before getting here you have verified that Airplane Mode, which prevents calling and receiving calls and connecting to the Internet, is deactivated. But airplane mode can also help you try to manually connect to the service provider. All you need to do is activate airplane mode and then turn it off so that the device tries to connect to the provider’s network.

Reset the APN

The APN configuration It may also be affecting the good performance of the device. This is something that several Xiaomi users have discovered who, after updating to MIUI 11, saw their phones stop being able to connect to the Network.

To configure it correctly, you must first go to the Settings menu> SIM cards and mobile networks> SIM card settings and choose the SIM card in which you have the problem. Once inside, locate the menu of Access Point Names.

andorid apn

Here you must enter a series of data that are usually found in the papers that came with the SIM card. As the most logical thing is that you cannot find them, you can contact your telephone provider to provide them.

Select network operator manually

Your mobile may have trouble finding its network automatically and you may need to select them yourself. You can do this by navigating to Settings> Mobile networks> Network operator. A list of network providers should appear here allowing you to select the correct one and see if this fixes the problem. You may need to reset your phone one more time to see if these changes take effect.

Run a ping test

One of the reasons that a certain phone can display the message of “Network not available” or “No service” it is because it is connected to a signal with problems. This solution is not as easy as navigating through the menus or holding down the buttons; but it does not require a master’s degree in telephony either.

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All you have to do is mark the following code in the dialer of the phone app: * # * # 4636 # * # *

ping test

Doing so will enter the service mode of your device, where a menu of different options will appear. You should select Information about the phone and then select “Run ping test”, of course disconnected from Wi-Fi, just keeping the data connection active. Once the test is finished, scroll down to the bottom of the menu and verify the data sent and received. Once done, restart the phone and see if the problem is resolved.

Restoring factory settings

Some problems are more difficult to solve than others and sometimes how to fix no signal as in this case involves trying a more aggressive solution. Returning the phone to its factory condition, just out of the box, is one of the most effective ways to eliminate errors inherited on the phone.

As we’ve already said countless times, this step involves restoring your phone’s factory settings, a process that erases all data on your phone, except for the software, so you’ll need to make a backup copy of all saved files and applications. , such as images, videos, and audio, that you may have on your device before doing so.

Once everything is saved, locate the Backup and reset options of your phone and select the option Erase all data.

Xiaomi delete factory data

A factory reset generally fixes most software problems and should fix the fault with the Net. If not, you should send the phone in for repair.

Written by Miguel Martinez

February 23, 2021

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