On Wednesday, January 16, 2019 in Stratford, Ont., A pair of border guards enter the crosswalk on Huntingdon Avenue and Huron Street. With two guards, there is one of the city's most recent security measures. (Terry Bridge / Stratford Beacon Herald)

It's been almost two months since city officials at Stratford Street Huntingdon Avenue and Huron Street raised a number of important security concerns for students and border patrolmen. Although a number of interim measures to improve safety have been introduced, much more will come.

At the City Council session on January 14, Councilors voted to have employees implement a list of recommendations to improve safety and raise awareness of the dangers that exist at school transitions between drivers and their drivers consist. At the Monday meeting, staff returned with a status update for these items.

Almost immediately after the meeting last month, the staff set up an additional border post at the Huntingdon-Huron intersection. With councilors also expressing concern over the intersection at John Street and Forman Avenue, employees have begun recruiting additional guards at both locations, as instructed by the council.

"I was in this place tonight when the school was released, and certainly the signs are more visible, and masts (placed at the intersection) are certainly very beneficial," said Deputy Mayor Martin Ritsma, who points to the Huntingdon intersection refers. "Many thanks to the staff for their diligence in working with the local residents."

In an attempt to meet the Council's demand for a portable speed sign on the Huntingdon Crossing to alert drivers to their speed, the staff found the city's only electronic speed sign too large for the intersection and now ordered a smaller sign for it just over $ 4,100. In the deputy rapporteur Tatiana Dafoe's report to the Council, she said that this new sign will likely be used at other intersections and intersections if there are future complaints about traffic violations or security concerns.

City officials are also working with the Perth District Health Unit to develop a public education program and social media campaign for safe crossings. Police Stratford has agreed to provide a police officer to assist with the safe crossings in Huntingdon and Huron whenever possible.

The staff is currently waiting for a response from the Department of Transportation after a formal letter asking them to lower the speed limit to 40 km / h on Huron Street between John Street and Forman Avenue, and doubling the speed penalties on the highway Area.

In addition, employees have hired a consultant to determine if it would be possible to adjust the timing of the John Street and Forman Avenue traffic lights to create larger traffic gaps that would allow safer crossings and, if appropriate, propose further possible safety improvements the area provided by the city.

"The last time I talked to the consultant (the adviser), they said we said two to four weeks," said Ed Dujlovic, the city's infrastructure and development services director. "We're in the two-week round (period), so I'll call them and see where they are, what's allowed to work out there, what's allowed and what's not allowed. So take a look at this. "