Some students are happy to get the COVID-19 vaccine

WICHITA, Kan. (Telemundo Kansas) – Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is available to all Kansas residents over 16 years of age – another 400,000 people qualify to receive the injection.

“Understanding that it is a good thing, that it is going to help them, that it is going to bring their world back to the way it used to be,” said Ellie Bizcarra-Bedoy, a student at South High School.

Carlos Sosa and Ellie Bizcarra-Bedoy are students at South High High School, and although they attend the same school, they have their differences over the covid-19 vaccine.

“I hoped it would be a long time before I reached my age. But I really feel blessed and well, a little nervous, but that’s the way it would be with any picket, ”said Bizcarra-Bedoy.

Sosa tells me that he wants to wait for more people in his community to put it on.

“I would like to see many people take that opportunity because it is something that can help the community to return to being normal,” said Sosa.

One thing they are sure of – is that they are both happy to be able to return to class in person.

“Going back to school is something that fills me with joy,” said Sosa.

Gov. Laura Kelly hopes that more people will be vaccinated now that the state of Kansas is in phase 5 of the vaccination process.


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