Some symptoms of covid can last up to six months

  • 78% of patients who have suffered coronavirus continue to have some type of sequela, mainly respiratory, 45 days after discharge and up to half a year.

A Barcelona Hospital study alert of the duration of the effects of covid-19 after verifying that 78% of patients continue to have some kind of symptomatology, mainly respiratory, 45 days after discharge and that it can be extended beyond six months.

As reported by this hospital this Monday, the magazine of the European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases publishes the first article of a study from this private center that has followed covid-19 patients for 7 months after discharge.

Radiographic lesions

The study indicates that 78% had symptoms related to covid-19, mainly asthenia and respiratory symptoms, and 40% presented residual lung radiographic lesions 45 days after discharge.

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At 7 months, patients with symptoms decreased to 50%, the most common being psychological disorders (49%), followed by asthenia (27%) and dyspnoea (10%).

With these data, the Barcelona Hospital concludes that covid-19 patients require long-term follow-up for the persistence of symptoms.


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