Sony announces new PlayStation VR

The PlayStation 5 (here my report) came on the market at the end of 2020. But long before the new console was launched, there was a lot of discussion about a potential new PlayStation VR. However, the Japanese always kept a low profile. After all, you can also use the previous model, see the article picture, on the PS5 – but only for PS4 games. Well one has im PlayStation Blog talked for the first time about a new VR glasses that should appear after 2021.

I myself never got really warm with the PlayStation VR: Nice gag to try out, I couldn’t see any lasting appeal in it. However, that was also due to the range of games that I would describe as very limited. Most VR titles for the PlayStation 4 were fairly simple mini-games of mixed quality. Apparently the sales figures were high enough to justify a successor for the PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately, Sony is still hiding technical details. The only vague announcement is that there are leaps forward in all areas: from the resolution to the field of view to tracking. But it would be sad if it were different. The connection to the PlayStation 5 should be made via a single cable. Sony is also promising a new VR controller. Obviously you don’t want to use the PlayStation Move from the PS3 era anymore.

Regarding the controller: It should take over the core functions of the DualSense and, of course, be particularly ergonomic. Sony is dampening the expectations of those who hope for an early release: There is still development work to be done. The next generation of PlayStation VR will no longer appear in 2021. So it could be in 2022 at the earliest.

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How is it there with you? Did you feel like me and the appeal of PlayStation VR was easy to follow? Or do you regularly immerse yourself in virtual worlds and will you pre-order the successor as soon as that is possible?

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