Since 1997 there is a penis museum in Iceland. It's about time to open a vagina museum too – says Florence Schechter, founder of the Vagina Museum project. With the help of a recently launched crowdfunding, the necessary £ 300,000 will be raised for the museum's opening and entertainment at Camden Market in London.

It will open in November 2019.

There will be changing exhibitions on anatomy and health, sexuality and menstruation as well as history and society. It is not only the female genitals in the center – also topics such as mental health, body image, inclusiveness and LGBTQ + should be treated according to the website.

The project draws attention on Instagram with a crocheted clitoris, whose crochet patterns you can download.

Enlightenment and breaking up taboos

With her Vagina Museum, the creator wants to fight the stigmatization of the female anatomy. "The shame around the vagina and vulva – genitals that should actually be celebrated – affects the lives of many young women negatively," she writes.

The entrance to the museum should be free of charge, so that everyone and everyone can get to know the female anatomy and sexuality – without shame.

Incidentally, there is already the first virtual vagina museum in Austria. There too, it is about breaking up and critically questioning paradigms. The educational platform was founded in 2014 by the Austrian artist Kerstin Rajnar.

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