We know it's hard to accept, heck, it's hard for us to write, but we dream of it fleabag Season 3 was almost crashed. Although it has been known for months that the author, creator, producer and Phoebe Waller Bridge did not plan to continue the show after the second season, fans of the spicy comedy still have hope for more from the character Fleabag. But the fans have to come to terms with the fact that a third season simply does not take place. In fact, Waller Bridge was initially against the idea of ​​the second season.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge says there will not be a Fleabage Season 3
Phoebe Waller Bridge | Photo by Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

Emmy wins

That's unbelievable fleabag Season 2 might as well never have happened. After not less than six Emmy Awards for the second season were awarded, including the award for the outstanding comedy series, which angered the audience The wonderful Mrs. Maisel and Veep The fans were sure that Waller-Bridge would extend the show for at least another season. But the actress took the victories as confirmation that the story and her bow are better where they are than prolonged.

Why Fleabag Season 3 is not happening

"To be honest, it just feels like the nicest and loveliest way to say goodbye to it. It feels like the story is complete. It feels right. Go upstairs. You can not get any higher, "Waller-Bridge told reporters after her many victories at the Emmys in 2019. And while fans and Amazon managers are equally keen fleabag Season 3, Waller Bridge has moved on to various projects.

Phoebe Waller Bridge did not want to do Season 2

In fact, Waller-Bridge wanted to continue with different projects before the second season. According to Harry Bradbeer, who served as director for Season 1 and 2 of Fleabag, "they really did not want to do a second season of Fleabag fleabag", Said Bradbeer Vogue. Bradbeer went on to say that Waller-Bridge had a hard time writing and designing the second season of the show. "She was at a loss, helpless, helpless – and depressed about it. She did not want to do anything that was not good enough, "Bradbeer told Vogue.

But why did Waller Bridge fight so hard with Season 2 of Fleabag? According to the actress, it's because she invented the story years before her TV show. Actually, fleabag started as a one-woman show. When it was picked up for the first season, Waller-Bridge never thought it would go beyond that. When she was asked to write a second season, she was in a completely different area of ​​her life.

Waller-Bridge is working on new projects

"It's so hard because you're changing, you're always trying to write authentically, you have to write that change, and in the second season, you had to put quotation marks, as you know," give people what they want, "said Waller Bridge, fortunately for fans of fleabagThe writer pushed through her own doubts and insecurities, because the genius of the second season surpassed the first far. Although fans of fleabag Maybe it's sad that Season 3 is not happening. We respect Waller Bridge enough to know when its story is complete. As she is writing a feature film, we will surely hear much more about her unique voice in Hollywood.