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Mexico City. While Gerardo Martino, coach of the Mexican team, expressed his confidence in Hirving Lozano, Raúl Jiménez and Jesús Tecatito Corona to respond to expectations with the Tricolor, today’s friendly match against South Korea is at risk of being canceled due to five infected with Covid-19 in the Asian box.

When everything was ready for the game between Mexico and South Korea, in Vienna, the alarms went off in the Asian squad, after four players and a member of the team tested positive for coronavirus. staff, according to the international portal Goal.

The Asian team would have isolated the infected elements and would test the rest of the squad prior to the duel, so it would decide in the next few hours whether to cancel their participation or present themselves for the commitment against Tricolor.

The match against South Korea corresponds to Mexico’s second preparation tour in Europe, where it will also face Japan on Tuesday in the Austrian capital.

Gerardo Martino, helmsman of the Mexicans, made it clear in a videoconference that Jiménez, Lozano and Corona they are fully aware of the moment they live, they do not ignore the expectations of them as a trident in the attack.

To overcome the pressure that threatens these players with the Mexican team against the South Koreans, Martino appealed to the experience of each of them with their clubs.

“They live with high pressure on a daily basis, Raúl knows the needs of Wolverhampton, Hirving has had a difficult time at Naples and Jesús must fight with Porto every year for the championship (in Portugal), he also now has the responsibility to advance to the Champions”, He detailed.

Martino accepted that although South Korea and Japan do not have historical achievements such as Germany, England or Argentina, they are important rivals and will serve for the preparation of the Tricolor for Qatar 2022.

They are the best (rivals) of a continent and accumulate positive results against important teams. These teams have achieved relevant performances since the recent World Cup and they are going to demand a greater demand from us, we must have a good response, he asserted.

Martino revealed that Jonathan dos Santos is ruled out for the commitment against the South Koreans, while Héctor Herrera is in doubt.

Folder to those who reject calls

The Tata It was clear to shelve the cases of those who reject Tricolor calls, such as Carlos Vela, by pointing out that no one is more important than the selection.

We are talking about the Mexican soccer representation, the team is more important and great than any of the components that are present today, be it the coaching staff, players or leaders.

He indicated that although Javier Chicharito Hernández it is summonable, in the case of Vela it is different and he explained that We have talked for two years and nothing has changed in his decision not to play with the Tricolor.

You put the rules of the game at the beginning of the process, I had contact with each of the footballers and I explained to them what the project was like. The conversation with Carlos (Vela) was two years ago, from then on saying I am or not is his decision..

In contrast, he recognized the effort and leadership of Andrés Guardado, who despite being injured attended the call with the Mexican squad.

When you have a leader with these characteristics, we could not afford this last tour of the year in Europe without saved. I spoke with Manuel Pellegrini (Real Betis coach), and he told me that he is also an important piece in his team.

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