A group of mothers from South Surrey plans to be one of the first to enter the thriving cannabis industry one drink at a time.

Crystal Lindsay, Danna Sheck and Stephanie Pladson have partnered with Grow Tech Labs to found Crysteda, a cannabidiol (CBD) water company.

While the mothers are waiting to learn what the federal regulations on edible cannabis products in Canada will look like – which is expected to be announced on October 17 – they have developed their CBD-infused water in California.

The canned water – an attempt to reduce plastic water bottles for single use – is said to contain 5 mg of CBD, a non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. The women told Peace Arch News last week that their product will not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

While the mothers were careful not to make any health claims about the benefits of taking CBD, CBD does not result in a high or intoxicating effect, but can be used therapeutically.

However, from personal experience, women agreed to all three major benefits of taking CBD: pain relief, anxiety relief, and sleep aid.

Sheck, an athlete and mother of three, said she had started taking CBD to help with pain and inflammation.

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"That's how I was introduced to CBD, I took it forever, and when I started to take it, I realized that it only helps to deal with the anxiety and stress associated with daily life," she said.

Lindsay, also a mother of three, said she has been researching CBD to identify the benefits associated with anxiety.

"When I drink our water, I only have a clear mind. I feel like it's a weight that dissolves when I absorb our water, "Lindsay said.

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Pladson, a two-year-old mother, said she grew up with hockey and has inflammation in her joints and back pain.

"That seemed to clear up, too. I also had a desk job and sitting all the time caused a lot of back problems. CBD helps with all these problems, "Pladson said.

The product is expected to come onto the market in four different flavors, and the water will be mixed with natural terpenes. Terpenes are a class of organic compounds that can offer some benefits.

The women said that when you mix CBD with terpenes, you get the so-called "entourage effect".

"Certain natural terpenes, some help you sleep, others give you more energy," Sheck said. "They have different effects. If you combine them with CBD, you will also receive a bonus. With the different flavors you get an extra bonus for the natural terpenes. "

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Although CBD-related products are currently available, such as CBD oil capsules from the state-run BC Cannabis Store, women consider educating the public about the difference between THC and CBD to be an important task.

"Many people have a total misunderstanding of CBD over normal marijuana or THC," said Sheck.