Southern US hospitals face water shortages, following winter storm

AP.- The hospitals of all the south of U.S they dealt with the lack of water this Sunday, as the region continues its recovery efforts after the devastating winter storm and the weather offered a pleasant respite.

At the height of the storm, the hospitals they were left struggling to care for patients in the middle of a record cold, snow Y ice that plagued parts of the country more accustomed to spending winter with light jackets.

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The icy blast ruptured the main pipe, leaving no electricity millions of utility customers and contributed to at least 76 deaths, half of which occurred in Texas. At least seven people died in Tennessee and four in Portland, Oregon.

A rural hospital in Anahuac, Texas, about 80 kilometers east of Houston, lost water and electricity during winter storm.

William Kiefer, chief executive of Chambers Health, which runs the hospital along with two clinics and a wellness center, said the facility drew on backup generators and water from a storage tank that they refilled with water from a pool in downtown wellness.

Water was restored Thursday and operations returned to normal on Sunday, it said. “The health system plans to consider installing more sophisticated backup systems,” he added.

The spokeswoman for the Methodist Hospital of Houston, Gale Smith, said that the Water at two of the system’s community hospitals and that the system is dealing with an influx of dialysis patients after the closure of its local centers.

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The aftermath of the winter storm

After temperatures dropped as much as 40 degrees below normal last week, the forecast for Houston it indicated a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius on Sunday. The city lifted its notice to boil the water on Sunday afternoon.

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Still, hundreds of cars lined up at NRG Stadium to receive food and water from the Houston Food Bank. The bank also delivered supplies to vulnerable citizens, including the elderly and the disabled.

Memphis, Tennessee, saw 10 inches of snow In the past week. Memphis, Light, Gas & Water issued a boil water advisory Thursday out of concern that low water pressure caused by problems at aging pump stations and ruptured water mains could lead to contamination.

The notice is still in effect this Sunday; Public service officials said they did not know when they could lift it, completely unaware of the effects left by the winter storm.

About 260 thousand homes and businesses were under the advisory. Hospitals and nursing homes have been forced to switch to bottled water. The National Guard of Tennessee he was supplying water to St. Francis Hospital.

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City officials planned to distribute water bottles in various locations on Sunday. Grocery stores struggled to keep shelves stocked with bottled water. Many restaurants remained closed.

Flights resumed on Saturday at the Memphis International Airport after everything was ashore on Friday after the winter storm, due to pressure problems of the Water.

Delay in vaccines against Covid-19

The White House reported that about a third of the doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, delayed by the storm, they were delivered over the weekend.

The weather created a backlog of about 6 million doses as power outages closed some vaccination centers and freezing weather stranded the vaccine at shipping centers.

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The press secretary of the White House, Jen Psaki, told ABC’s “This Week” that about 2 million of those doses have already come out.

In Nashville, Tennessee, the leader of the local task force Covid-19Dr. Alex Jahangir said that more than 2,300 seniors and teachers have vaccinated on Saturday when the city resumed offering vaccines after “days of treacherous weather.”

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