A YouTube video has been released that visualizes the true horror scale of a black hole. Black holes are huge, matter-destroying objects that seem to defy physics because of their existence. The morn1415 online video compares the size of black holes with other objects in the universe.

The text of the video reads: "When Einstein developed his Theory of Relativity, he saw that his equations also contained something very strange.

"It would be able to stop time, possess infinite gravity, and possibly destroy the space itself.

"He refused to believe that it could exist in reality, there had to be a mechanism to prevent it.

Reality is stranger than fiction, we've found it, and there are many. "

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It continues: "Any matter could become a black hole. If you crushed it beyond the "Schwarzschild radius,"

"You would have to crush the sun to the size of a small town or the earth to the size of a peanut."

Another known black hole, XTE J1650-500, is about the size of the US city of Manhattan.

But it contains the mass of three or four of our suns.

One of these black holes has a mass of 20 billion suns.

The supermassive black hole in the core of the huge elliptical galaxy Messier 87 was first captured in April 2019 by the Event Horizon Telescope.

Visible are the crescent-shaped emission ring and the central shadow, which are gravitationally enlarged views of the photon ring of the black hole and the photon capture zone of its event horizon.

The crescent shape results from the rotation of the black hole and the relativistic rays.

The shadow is about 2.6 times the diameter of the event horizon.