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Under the new rules, Britons living in Spain must now show they have a minimum income of வருமான 2,000 per month. Income is very high for families who need an additional $ 500 per month per family member.

The news has infuriated the British with an reader saying that Spanish property prices “would fall in the coming months”.

The second reader said: “The British will take their pension and holiday money elsewhere, no problem.”

A third person said: “Ignore Spain or the Canary Islands for your next vacation.

“Hit them in the pocket where it hits.”

A fourth added: “Ghosh, so the EU is not a land of gold. It is not surprising there ”.

Another said the same rules should apply to Spanish citizens in the UK.

They said: “All Spaniards here must go home or apply for British citizenship.

“What works one way, must work another.”

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“It just came to our attention then.

“I would even say that non-Spaniards continue to keep the local economy afloat.

“Add this to fewer tourists, what do you get?”

Others denounced those who refused to obtain Spanish citizenship during the last four years.

One said: “Most of the victims have economic opportunities.

“They will not take Spanish citizenship because it will affect their right to return and use the health service.

“If you want to live permanently in a country, prepare to go completely.

“If what you want is a vacation in the sun, there will be restrictions. Stop whining”.

When someone else said: “Nobody forced them to go live in Spain.”

Those who have second residences in Spain but do not establish their residence can no longer come and go as they wish.

Under the Brexit deal, they are only allowed up to three months out of six people there.

This is due to the abolition of the free movement of EU citizens, as the UK is no longer part of the EU.

More than 360,000 British residents have registered in Spain, but many older Britons have already closed their cases and are returning to the UK.

In Spain, three charities, Age, Papalia and the International Organization for Migration, provide assistance in organizing legal aid or appointments for people struggling with the Spanish language, those in remote areas, and those with disabilities.

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