May 26 at 23:55

Inter Milan defeated Empoli 2-1 today to beat his opponents and qualify for next season's Champions League. A victory for Inter prevailed and the Nerazzurri are ready for next season. Luciano Spalletti, who reportedly led his last inter-match, spoke to the press about his future after the game and drew a comparison with the events at Juventus:

"I do not know, they questioned Allegri at Juventus after the race against Ajax, but Agnelli said at the next day's press conference that he did not touch anything, and finally they change, and for me, that behavior can be learned." But I'm in the perfect role I want to be in, and I have the behavior I want, I'm calm.

"Empoli? I am particularly sorry because I have a lot of friends there and a lot of connections to the club." Playing this game leads to serious consequences, they absolutely deserved to survive, but Inter did not give up, even in the last second and second Emotional stress results in a situation like this, and the game has always been kept in balance.

"We were under double pressure because you are part of Inter, in a stadium where you saw real players and real victories, we assume everything is related to those memories, but in this game it was like this." to suffer a lot and to put their hearts in them, and that's exactly what they did. "

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