Spectators went wild this morning as Holly Willoughby bends over in front of the guest

Holly Willoughby sent Morning Morning viewers into a frenzy during a mediation session on today’s episode while bending over in front of a guest.

Will Williams, a beeja meditation expert, was treating Holly and her daytime TV presenter Philip Schofield in a moment of meditation while discussing the topic of healthy living.

While Will showed the duo simple ways to relax and unwind, including instructing them both to take a few deep breaths with their eyes closed, he asked Holly to get up.

He then began to massage down Holly’s back with his fists before asking her to bend over slowly, sending many spectators to watch from home in a collapse.

Credit: ITV / This morning

“If you start leaning forward,” Will said as he explained the benefits, “and as your nervous system goes through your spine, it really loves being awakened by this experience.

“This will release a lot of endorphins and loosen everything.”

Will continued to massage Holly’s back until he got up completely.

Shortly thereafter, Holly admitted that she felt a little “light” after Will’s treatment.

Fans at home could not contain their laughter for what had just happened and took social media to share their hysteria.

Credit: ITV / This morning

One spectator said, “Is this guy serious or did he just want to convince Holly to bend over? #this morning

This morning he also joked about the moment of TV on his Twitter account, publishing a GIF of Holly and Will with the caption: “The things you will only see on TV during the day!”

“Hahaha as if Holly bent over for him #This morning , “published another viewer.

Another spectator joked: ” #This morning can I do Holly next time please? ”

“It seems so wrong #This morning “wrote a quarter.

Another joke: “He liked to give Holly that spine massage #This morning

A fan posted a photo of her TV with Holly and Will, with the caption: “Good #This morning it got interesting ”


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