The girls band has finally reformed after years of speculation, but without Victoria Beckham. On Saturday, the first six concerts of a decade will be up for sale and there will certainly be a huge rush for tickets. Now the prices for the stadium dates have been announced – how much do you have to split off?

Tickets are charged differently at Wembley Stadium, London, compared to the other five dates.

First, consider the cost plan for most of the tour: Ethiad Stadium, Manchester (June 1); Ricoh Stadium, Coventry (June 3); Stadium of Light, Sunderland (June 6); BT Murrayfield, Edinburgh (June 8) and Ashton Gate, Bristol (June 10).

Standing tickets for these shows cost £ 77 at SeeTickets, while seats are £ 60.50 and can rise to £ 77, £ 93.50 and £ 136.

The Spice Circle Premium Standing area, which is at the top, costs £ 196, while VIP experiences cost £ 291, £ 231 and £ 176.

The Wembley Stadium on June 15 in London is a bit higher.

The regular standing room costs £ 82.50, while the Spice Circle charges £ 210.00 with all prices including booking fees.

The Spice Circle Spice Up Your Life VIP seats cost £ 306, while the Say You'll Be There tickets – the VIP in the sitting area – cost £ 241. Zigazig-ah VIP tickets for the standing cost £ 181.

The regular seats are divided into four price ranges: £ 66, £ 82.50, £ 104.50 and £ 146.

It is strongly rumored that more concerts will be added at a later date, provided that the demand for tickets matches the hype.

Mel B, Melanie C, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner joined Heart Radio and BBC Radio 2 earlier this week, where they played extremely happy when asked about additional shows.

Mel B has also said she hopes Beckham will eventually join them.

The tickets are available tomorrow (Saturday) at 10:30 clock without presale of fans.


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