Spotify begins testing the lyrics function

Why there are services and applications that, being the benchmarks in their sector, rest on their laurels and hardly put any effort into innovating what they already offer, is one of the many mysteries that surround us. But, with its exceptions, which fortunately have them and in the plural, it is a reality that can be observed by seeing the evolution that products such as Chrome, WhatsApp or Spotify have had in their respective environments.

Only when the competition tightens the nuts a bit, even in the media and not so much jeopardizing their privileged position, is when they put the batteries and react. The three examples given are worth to illustrate it: a couple of years ago Chrome has awakened from lethargy and has started to implement new features, beyond restricting itself to endlessly improving its engine; The same has happened with WhatsApp, which for some time now and with the constant pressure that Telegram exerts from far away, is offering droppers some changes.

And yes, the same has also happened with Spotify, once the undisputed king of music services for streaming on demand. Or rather, it is happening, because Spotify is still king, but its position is no longer so indisputable as it was a few years ago. The appearance of Apple Music and the leonine conditions of the App Store have been a small great blow to users of Apple systems, but neither should underestimate the alternatives that populate the market.

So Spotify now start testing a feature with lyrics, which platforms such as Deezer and YouTube Music have been offering for a long time, is an indication of not being very clear about the way forward. They count it in Engadget, where they emphasize that if this feature goes ahead, the pseudo-functions that Spotify currently includes would go down in history. And it is that what the user wants are not fragments, they are the complete lyrics of their songs, to read or sing them when they feel like it.

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That said, it remains to be seen if the function will take hold and when it will be extended to the rest of the markets in which Spotify is available, since at the moment it is being carried out in the United States and in small committee, according to the company itself, has declared to the aforementioned media:

«We can confirm that we are currently testing our lyrics feature for a select number of users in the United States. At Spotify, we routinely run a series of tests in an effort to improve our user experience. Some of those tests end up paving the way for our broader user experience, and others serve only as important learning. We have no more news to share at this time«.

We will have to wait, then, to see what they decide. Meanwhile, the users most in need of this function, they can look for life to see the lyrics on Spotify Web.

In any case, It is not the only novelty in which Spotify works. We recently learned that the company wants its Android application to also function as a local music player, that is, the music that the user has in the storage of their device. Another feature YouTube Music has been offering for months. But better to focus on that than on ridiculous like stories.

Be that as it may, wanting a change for Spotify -and for so many other subscription services, it should be noted-, it is very likely that the vast majority of users of the platform, those of payment and those that would be it to improve the conditions, is precisely to charge a fair price in relation to the country in which it operates. Unfortunately, it does not seem that any company in the sector is considering something like this.

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