Spotify outlined its 2021: HiFi sound and Obama and Bruce Springsteen podcast are coming

The platform streaming musical Spotify made this Monday a series of announcements about what is coming this 2021. Among the highlights is the launch of “Spotify HiFi” that will raise the quality of the sound, and the premiere of several podcasts, including one headed by Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama.

At the same event, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle presented Archewell Audio, the production company they formed at the end of last year and that will create podcasts exclusively on Spotify.

“We created Archewell Audio to make sure we can raise voices that may not be heard and hear people’s stories,” the actress said in a recorded message for the platform.

Spotify HiFi

This new experience, which will only be available towards the end of the year and only in some countries, will allow you to stream CD quality music in lossless audio format (lossless compression) on devices and speakers enabled for Spotify Connect.

On this advantage, the young promise of music, Billie Eilish, said: “High quality audio means more information, there are things you will not hear if you do not have a good sound system. It is very important just because we make music that we want it is heard the way it was done ”.

Bet on podcasts

The podcast is also another important bet by Spotify to dominate the market for this entertainment format, which is why it has committed to investing more than 500 million dollars and has reached agreements with important celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, comedian and ex-athlete Joe Rogan and the aforementioned couple of Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Among the contents that stand out is: Renegades: born in the USA (Rebels: Born in the USA), the Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama podcast. Considered one of the most relevant podcasts in the history of this format due to the enormous weight of the two characters that participate in it, this series will consist of eight episodes.

“How did we get here? How can we go back to a more unified American history?” Obama asks in the introduction to the podcast.

With this bet, Spotify hopes to achieve the same success as The Michelle Obama Podcast, content that last year reached the top global position.

Additionally, the platform announced that it will begin testing new functionality so podcasters can experience new monetization models through subscriptions directly from their listeners.


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