Sprawl behind the growth of dengue fever

Sprawl behind the growth of dengue fever

DBobby Reiner, one of the authors of the study and assistant professor at the University of Washington, said the reason for the increase in the disease was due to the widespread shift from rural to urban life. People who live in poor conditions in the "unplanned megacities" of the world are at particular risk.

"Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease. There is a growing population of people living in poorer urban areas where there are no screens on the windows, no air conditioning and plenty of stagnant water. These are ideal conditions for mosquitoes, "he said.

Dr. Reiner said there are few proven interventions to fight the disease – the only Dengue fever vaccine is incomplete and little has been sought on control measures such as insecticides.

"There is no evidence of what to do," he said.

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