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“Everything is great for me, sick!” © Electronic Arts

For a long time fans have wanted such a game, and now it’s finally here: a pure flight spectacle in the universe of Star Wars. While star war adventures so far only from the first (Battlefront) or third party (Fallen Order) View were playable, you can now shoot from the plane. What sounds like tension and action, unfortunately, cannot completely convince over a long period of time. This is mainly due to the single player mode with its weak story. Here the creators have missed to fit the game into the story of the Star Wars and maybe one or the other well-known character.

However, the game makes up for a lot in the multiplayer part. It is really fun to sit in the different planes with their different strengths and weaknesses and fight against other players. As with the single player, there is also a tactical component. So it has to be decided whether the energy is diverted into the engines, into the weapons or into the shield. Of course, you can also play with a homogeneous setup, but against experienced players you will quickly notice that the different setting options can be of considerable advantage. This gets Star Wars: Squadrons a not overly complex scope that fits well into the gameplay.

That was close!
That was close! © Electronic Arts

There are a total of three modes available throughout the game. While the story mode with its 15 missions is a simple introduction, it is above all the dogfight and naval battle modes, which, as mentioned, are fun for a long time. While the former is reminiscent of a simple “team death match”, the naval battle is almost the highlight of the game. Here you not only have to defeat the countless enemies, but ultimately also destroy the large carrier ship. First of all, you have to gain the upper hand in the fight before you shoot the mother ship at full speed.

The well-known Flugis from the films are all there. For example, be it the A- or X-Wing from the new republic or the different TIE fighters from the Empire – everything your heart desires is included. However, the view from the various cockpits is not always the same, and it seems a bit narrow, especially with certain TIE aircraft. Technically, however, this title makes a solid impression. The cross-platform compatibility is praiseworthy, so that you also meet opponents from other platforms in the battles. With the appropriate equipment, players can use not only VR components, but also control sticks and throttle controls.

So who the Flight Simulator seems a bit boring over time, and whoever would like to get into a fight will join in Star Wars: Squadrons very well served. Too bad, the focus on the Star Wars franchise is as good as lost.

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