Squadrons – Two free updates announced – SHOCK2

Electronic Arts, Motive and Lucasfilm want in Star Wars: Squadrons say “Thank you” and therefore publish two free updates.

On Wednesday, November 25th, the first of two updates will release a new map of a fan-favorite place for players: Fostar Haven. This map will be available in both the Fleet Battles and Space Battles. In addition, this update includes several new ship components, including a Boost Extension Set, missiles, shield-piercing prototype torpedoes and an anti-material missile gun.

The second update will come in December and will feature some of the most requested content by fans, including two new iconic starfighters.

  • New Republic pilots can then pilot the A / SF-01 B-wing.
  • On the side of the Empire, the universal star fighter TIE / d “Defender” joins the Imperial Navy.

In addition to these new Star Fighters, Motive introduces the Space Battles and Fleet Battles as well as customized matches on all seven maps. These customized matches are designed to help more players participate in community-organized tournaments that have grown in popularity since the game was launched.

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