Stabbing on Bristol rollerblades: “I thought my friend would be killed”

Wells Road in Bristol has been cut off by police

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The attack took place on Wells Road in Bristol

A man who faced a knife attacker on roller skates while stabbing people in Bristol feared that a friend with him would be killed.

Gary Stancer – who initially thought the weapon was a toy – used a road sign to try to disarm the man who was rallying pedestrians on Wells Road.

Avon and Somerset police praised the people who challenged the attacker before the officers arrived on Tuesday afternoon.

A 37-year-old man was arrested on the scene and taken to hospital.

Officers were called to Wells Road, south of Bristol, immediately after 15:00 GMT.

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Gary Stancer said he used a road sign to try to disarm a man with a knife

Stancer said he reacted after seeing someone stabbed in the back with what he initially thought was a toy.

When he realized that the weapon was real, he and his friend Rob chased the man on nearby Redcatch Road, where he turned to them.

“I thought he was killing Rob,” said Stancer. “He took him in the leg and then stabbed him a few times.

“I took a road sign and attached it with it.”

  • Three stabbed by the attacker on the rollerblades

The agents then arrived on the scene and arrested the suspect, who remains in the hospital.

Three other people suffered knife injuries, but police say none of them were seriously injured.

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Inspector Nigel Colston said there would be extra patrols in the area

The police are open-minded about the reason for the attacks, but have praised the people who challenged the man.

Inspector Nigel Colston said: “I would like to thank those members of the public who have given us assistance, which made a huge difference to what happened.”

He added that there will be additional patrols in the area in the coming days to reassure people.

“We understand the concerns of the public. We remind them that in general this is a safe place,” said Ch Insp Colston.

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