Stansted Airport to increase the express pickup fee by £ 1

Motorists will have to pay an extra £ 1 to drop passengers off at Stansted airport from next week.

Those using the express storage area outside the main terminal will have to pay £ 5 if they use the area for up to 10 minutes when the changes take effect on Thursday 27 February.

The previous commission was £ 4.

Rates for those staying longer than 10 minutes in the express storage area remain unchanged.

Stansted has announced the increase as part of its carbon footprint plan.

The bosses are aiming to install a high-speed charging station on Thremhall Avenue, which can accommodate up to 13 vehicles at any one time.

Charging points will be introduced later this year along with two new “drive-thru” restaurants arriving in the area.

Plans are also underway to install electric charging areas in the meeting car park, and to start using electric buses to operate between the airport and London Stratford train station.

Landside operations director Anita Harrison said: “London Stansted has set the pace between UK airports for years when it comes to addressing our local environmental impacts and we are well within the legal limits for air quality. , but there will always be more us and passengers can do.

“In particular, we must build on our good track record in encouraging a reduction in road traffic emissions. For this reason, we are continuously taking steps to encourage more passengers to think about how to reach and reach the airport.

“We know that our passengers want a choice and our investment in our public transport network will make it even easier to leave the car at home, while encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles.”

Stansted already offers a number of cost-cutting programs aimed at encouraging passengers to use public transportation or car sharing when traveling to and from the airport.

An online portal was launched yesterday that will allow drivers to pre-register their fully electric vehicles.

The airport says the portal will be used to enhance the experience of local residents who register for their discounted rate of 50 p / £ 1 depending on their location.

The first 1,000 people who sign up will benefit from free use of the facility for one year.

A spokesman added: “These initiatives have all been introduced in order to protect local air quality by reducing congestion and emissions in the limited area outside the terminal and on the surrounding roads and encouraging passengers to significantly reduce their cases of “kiss and flight”. ”

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