A top chef has launched a new campaign to turn a building into a Sussex Pub.

Matt Gillan seems to rejuvenate the building that once housed the Checkers Pub in Slaugham when he plans to build his own dream restaurant in the neighborhood.

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SUS 151026-113207001

The famous chef, who has appeared twice in BBC's The Great British Menu, has launched a Kickstarter fundraiser to raise enough money to make the building a destination and gastronomic retreat.

On his fundraising page, he described the building, which had been empty for two years, as a shell that needs soul, and said it was the perfect place to make his dream come true.

He said, "In my eyes, there has always been a certain kind of property that I believe is the perfect place to make my dream come true. Somewhere in the country, with bedrooms, beautiful views and lots of potential. These features are not readily available, they are not cheap and remain a fantasy. "

Matt has made a name for himself at the The Pass restaurant at South Lodge Hotel in Lower Beeding. He left the company in April 2016 after helping him reach a Michelin star and 4 AA Rosettes.

He said his vision for the Checker's program was to focus on people.

Matt explained that not only did he want to improve the ground floor of the building for the restaurant, but he also wanted to work the upstairs rooms so that the building could become a destination for people further away.

On the page he says: "There will be a shift from a pub to a restaurant with rooms, but we want to maintain the accessibility and informality of his former life and make the space part of the community again.

"The rooms are very important. It allows the continuation of the experience and means that guests can come from far and not even have to leave the building after dinner. "

He added, "When this is done, this will truly be a unique place in Sussex. An independent restaurant with rooms, with the amenities of a hotel and the warm welcome of a pub. "

Those who want to donate to their project will be rewarded from a day as a kitchen porter to a new guest room.

To donate and learn more, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1357178620/heritage-a-country-side-retreat?ref=project_email