Star War Day: Millions Pay Tribute to George Lucas Franchise

Today, May 4, Star Wars Day is celebrated around the world, in homage to one of the most successful film sagas of recent decades.

The date is used by fans to rewatch the Star Wars movies created by George Lucas or even to do a marathon of the saga.

What happened on May 4? Why the celebration?

Everything is due to a play on words that arises from one of the most famous phrases of the saga. Jedi often say that of “may the force be with you.” In English, the phrase translates to “may the force be with you,” which is pronounced much like “may the 4th.”

The first time this play on words was made “official” was in 1979, when some members of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom decided to send a note of congratulations to Margaret Thatcher after being inaugurated British Prime Minister. In it, you could read “May the 4th be with you, Maggie, congratulations.” A year later, the second film in the series, The Empire Strikes Back, was released and was a great success.

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