Star Wars: 10 Cosplays de Darth Maul dignos de un Lord Sith

The prequel trilogy of Star Wars added many new and colorful characters to the ongoing saga in a galaxy far, far away. In The Phantom Menace, the terrifying Sith assassin Darth Maul made his debut, threatening to dispatch Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi before they could liberate Naboo from the forces of the Trade Federation.

Darth Maul confronted the two Jedi in person, and even after Obi-Wan cut him in half, the headstrong Maul rose again to torment the heroes of the galaxy years later. A stylish villain like Darth Maul requires impressive cosplay, and these cosplayers have answered the call of the dark side.

10 The Silent Warrior

The cosplayer tronix_cosplay He put a lot of effort into this Darth Maul costume, and it was worth it in every way. Notably, despite his fearsome lightsaber skills and assassin training, Darth Maul is not one to show off. It is deadly silent.

This cosplayer captures Darth Maul’s quiet intimidation well, with the haunting dim lighting and stern gaze of Maul and his fully illuminated lightsaber. This is the last thing his victims see.

9 Partners in Crime, Sith Edition

Solo: A Star Story Wars introduced viewers to Qira, a cunning young street girl linked to Han Solo himself. But what Han doesn’t know is that Qira is also linked to Darth Maul, who prowls in the shadows of the galaxy. He’s certainly been to Dathomir, at least.

The cosplayer makingyourownmagic He brings in an intense Darth Maul who has cheated death and is ready for another assault with the defenders from the light side of the galaxy, and he can count on Qira to back him up. Watch out, Skywalkers.

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8 the Sith Lord of the Skull

Many villains are known for their skull motifs, as the human skull is a universal symbol of death. Darth Maul prefers to kill his victims and move on, but every now and then some scare tactics can help soften up a formidable foe before going in for the kill.

That’s what Darth Maul seems to think of capuchinocosplay, and when this Sith assassin couldn’t be any more scary, he added dazzling white teeth to scare his enemies. That stormtrooper must be terrified.

7 Darth Maul on an alien coast

Like Darth Maul, a Sith assassin will explore every corner of the known galaxy, carrying out one gruesome execution after another on the orders of Darth Sidious. Darth Maul has seen countless worlds, but not as a tourist. He is all business.

The cosplayer todd_slingerland depicts the famed assassin Zabrak on the spooky night shores of a distant planet, and wears elegant strap boots to walk through rugged terrain before finding his victim. Someone is about to have a bad ending under the moonlight.

6 Darth Maul, Sith Samurai

From the beginning, the franchise of Star Wars has borrowed some visual elements from Japanese cinema and culture, such as the robes worn by the Jedi Knights and the Sith, not to mention the seven forms of lightsabers. So the cosplayer Perletricks He took things to the next level with the Samurai Maul.

Darth Maul looks quite comfortable in his shiny but chilling samurai armor, complete with the traditional horns and fangs of Japanese ogres and demons and a green chest plate to contrast with the red, black, and silver. The result is remarkable.

5 Darth Maul, enfurecido

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The cosplayer shesgotthelooksthatkill decided to put a new spin on Darth Maul and grow his hair out to make him look a little more like a glam metal rock star. The new look suits Darth Maul well, and that long hair would whip him all over the place when Maul faces mortal combat.

Darth Maul is normally cold as ice during a mission, but this time, someone must have angered him because Darth Maul has an “I’ll kill you and enjoy it” look. That is the face of someone who cannot wait to torment his enemies.

4 Fight of the Arms of Destiny

When Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon faced Darth Maul, the song that was played was titled “Duel of the Fates”, and now, that music is playing again, although the fight is not so bloody. Who’s not up for a Force-fueled arm duel?

Darth Maul lost to Obi-Wan once, but he won’t lose again, and his biceps will show it. The cosplayer realpoolky He has a great sense of humor in portraying this fearsome skull-headed Darth Maul challenging Obi-Wan to a contest like this.

3 Darth Maul of the North Pole

It’s the season in a galaxy far, far away, and if anyone has been bad or good, Darth Maul has foreseen it. In the Force, of course. He’s ready to give out some presents this holiday season, and he takes this duty very seriously.

The cosplayer Justllew Elegantly combines the Christmas spirit with Darth Maul’s signature black and red, giving him a Santa Claus coat inspired by the Sith robe, with a white trim that contrasts with the dark pants and gloves. It is a stunning visual effect.

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2 The Sith Lord of the desert

Tatooine may be a hot, dry, sandy place that cooks under two suns, but Darth Maul feels great, pacing around in a black robe while on the prowl for Queen Amidala. Once his spy droids discovered the heroes’ locations, Darth Maul went for the kill.

The cosplayer mauler_cosplay He brought this Sith assassin to life in true style, gracefully capturing Maul’s first lightsaber combat, right there in the seething dunes of Tatooine. He’s about to give Qui-Gon the fight of his life, and there will be no mercy.

1 Sith Lady Maul

The genre-leaning Darth Maul has arrived, and it looks good. Villains like Darth Vader, Darth Sidious and Kylo Ren dominate the movie Star Wars But in the general lore, many powerful women have also gone over to the Dark Side, and this time, Maul is among them.

The cosplayer ireene.mv_art He strikes a graceful yet ruthless pose, displaying Lady Maul’s fine skills and elegant black leather boots at the same time. Her long dark hair and calm, ice-cold eyes help round out this Sith lady.

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