Star Wars: 5 Jedi Who Should Have Been Anakin’s Master (And 5 Ways Obi-Wan Was The Best)

The franchise of Star Wars has many fan-favorite characters, but one of the most popular and important is Anakin Skywalker. His fall to the dark side and his redemption are at the center of the first two trilogies and Darth Vader, his Sith alter ego, is considered one of the greatest villains in all of fiction. Anakin had a hard time as a Jedi, in part because of the Clone Wars, his high level of power, and the lack of faith the Jedi Order showed in him.

The Jedi Order was full of masters who might have been a better teacher for the Chosen than Obi-Wan Kenobi, who might have been able to stop his fall into darkness. However, there are some definitive arguments for Obi-Wan being the Master Anakin could have asked for.

10 Best Teacher for Anakin: Yoda could have noticed Anakin’s fall and stopped her

Yoda was the oldest master of the Jedi Order and the leader of the Jedi Council. He had a lot to do, but he also helped train the youth in the Temple, so he had extra time. Having a Padawan might have been difficult for him, but you’d think someone as powerful as Anakin would deserve a senior master, not a newly minted Jedi Knight like Obi-Wan.

Yoda wasn’t always the best Jedi, but someone with his experience would have helped Anakin a lot, and perhaps with a more personal relationship, Yoda would have noticed the signs of Anakin’s downfall and could have stopped it.

9 Obi-Wan was the best – he was his master’s last student

The Padawan-master relationship was the closest thing to a family that many Jedi had. They spent a lot of time together and formed powerful bonds. Qui-Gon Jinn was an unconventional Jedi and he and Obi-Wan were very close. Qui-Gon took responsibility for Anakin, a responsibility that fell on Obi-Wan at his death.

Qui-Gon was like a father to Obi-Wan and Obi-Wan taking Anakin as a student was like something that Qui-Gon passed on to him. Obi-Wan took this obligation very seriously and knew that his teacher would have wanted him to be Anakin’s teacher.

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8 Best Teacher for Anakin: Ki-Adi-Mundi would have understood Anakin’s love for Padme

Ki-Adi-Mundi was a Cerean Jedi Knight who was admitted to the Jedi Council so that the Masters would learn about the life of the Knights. In addition to that rarity, he was also allowed to have a wife and children, as Cereans were not known for their high birth rate and if a Cerean could reproduce, they needed it for the species to remain viable.

This would give a window into Anakin’s mind, especially where Padme is concerned. Ki-Adi-Mundi could teach Anakin to love without the greed that marked his love for Padme and could have helped him deal with his attachment problems.

7 Obi-Wan was the best – the two have an almost unbreakable bond like that of a brother

Obi-Wan and Anakin were fairly close in age, probably older than most Padawan and masters. They saw each other as brothers and this made their working relationship very beneficial for both of them. There were few secrets between them and their affection made them watch their backs very well, an advantage in times of war.

Obi-Wan lost his Master and Anakin was separated from his mother. They both lost what little family they had and found comfort in each other. This was very good for Anakin, as a colder teacher could have completely alienated him.

6 best teacher for Anakin: Plo Koon could have helped him resist the darkness within

Plo Koon was one of the main Jedi generals of the Clone Wars. He was known for caring for the clones under his command more than many other generals and was also an ace at piloting. He and Anakin had a good working relationship during the war and if they had worked together earlier, things could have been very different for Anakin.

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Anakin loved to pilot and he and Koon would have teamed up for it. Anakin was also known to care a lot for the men under his command. Koon’s even-tempered demeanor might have taught Anakin a thing or two about how to resist the darkness within him, something Anakin didn’t excel at.

5 Obi-Wan was the best: his mastery of defense made him the best teacher of the time

Anakin was an impetuous young man, but he was also a highly gifted lightsaber fighter. However, he was dedicated to the offense, using his great power and skill to keep attacking. However, Obi-Wan was very different. His saber style, the Soresu, was more defensive and he used his dominance to help teach Anakin to be more defensive.

A Master with a more offensive saber style would not have given Anakin the balanced upbringing that Obi-Wan gave him. Anakin might not have been known as the great fighter without this approach and possibly would have died in battle at some point, which could have cost the Republic the Clone Wars.

4 Best Teacher for Anakin: Qui-Gon Jinn Has More Experience With Troubled Youth

This is quite impossible, but Qui-Gon would have been a much better teacher for Anakin had he survived his battle against Darth Maul. Obi-Wan was a great Jedi, but he was far from perfect and he was given a Padawan at a very young age. Qui-Gon had experience training Jedi and was better suited to train someone as troublesome as Anakin.

In a perfect world, Qui-Gon would have been able to teach Anakin to deal with Jedi life in a less conventional way than Obi-Wan, connecting him with the Living Force. Qui-Gon also realized more things than Obi-Wan and may have detected Palpatine’s manipulation in Anakin’s life and stopped it earlier.

3 Obi-Wan was the best – the two are polar opposites that work well together

Obi-Wan and Anakin are two very different people. Anakin was prone to rushing into things and he liked being in the thick of things because he enjoyed the excitement. Obi-Wan was more reserved and, although he got into the thick of things, he did so because he knew that this was his place. He didn’t enjoy it, it was just what he had to do.

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Anakin and Obi-Wan got along because they fit together – they had different ways of doing things, but put together they formed a team that could handle just about anything. Obi-Wan was patient with Anakin when another Master had not been and tempered him with his consideration. Anakin’s impetuous attitude prompted Obi-Wan to act at times when perhaps he hadn’t.

2 Best Teacher for Anakin: Mace Windu and Anakin’s mutual stubbornness could bind them deeply

Mace Windu was the Order’s second in command and one of the greatest lightsaber fighters in history. He and Anakin would have clashed a lot: Mace was a very difficult person to get along and Anakin could be a bore. However, their mutual stubbornness would keep them together, facing each other and achieving a better understanding and relationship.

Mace’s style of lightsaber, the Vapaad, brought its practitioners closer to the dark side and Mace could have taught Anakin to better deal with the darkness within him. Mace’s mastery of the lightsaber would have also made Anakin an even more formidable fighter.

1 Obi-Wan was the best – he asked for the role

The problem of who was going to train Anakin was big for the Jedi Order. No one stepped forward except Obi-Wan, and that meant a lot. They all knew how powerful Anakin was and the care to be taken with him, but none were willing to train him. Obi-Wan, who was about to become a Knight, did and that says it all.

Obi-Wan was the perfect teacher for Anakin because he wanted to be Anakin’s teacher. He chose it and while he didn’t always do the best job, he cared enough to get the job done, something that cannot be said for the rest of the Jedi Order masters.

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