Star wars A tribute to Erik Rivera in the CDMX Metro

Darth Vader poster from the Star Wars exhibition.  A tribute from Erik Rivera

Photo: Courtesy STC Metro

The plastic artist Erik Rivera takes the cult of Star Wars to drawings. And these will be exhibited in the Mexico City Metro during May and June. As a commemoration of International Star Wars Day, on May 4 (May the 4th), the Mexican painter presents the series of paintings with free access to all audiences.

With the aesthetic characteristic of Rivera’s paintings, the characters of the cinematographic phenomenon are shown with huge eyes and deep glances. Besides the oil paintings on canvas, there are sketches; all in reference to the film.

Rivera’s paintings are a mixture of the religious with universal art. Rivera transforms all the elements that allude to religious issues into components of the Star Wars universe. Thus, you will see Darth Vader in a medieval portrait, Baby Yoda presented as Buddha, Boba Fett as Saint Michael the Archangel, Princess Leia as the Virgin in a baroque portrait and Jabba The Hutt in a Renaissance composition.

Erik Rivera is a designer and painter who tends to make portraits with childish features. His work has appeared several times in the Metro Transportation System, as well as in university spaces, INBA places, restaurants and bars.

Star wars A tribute from Erik Rivera. Salto del Agua Station. May and June. Free.

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