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Usually fans in the Allgäu celebrate Star Wars Day together – in costumes and with lightsabers. Two groups report how they are doing in the pandemic.

The Star Wars films and series have been inspiring young and old since 1977. So much so that it has become the custom to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th every year. Because the saying of the Jedi Knights “May the force be with you” sounds in English “May the force be with you” almost like “May the 4th be with you” – ie “May the 4th be with you”.

Tuesday is Star Wars Day again – fans in the Allgäu also celebrate

It’s that time again on Tuesday: It’s Star Wars Day. And this year fans even have two reasons to celebrate: In addition to the traditional Star Wars Day, the new animated series “Star Wars: Bad Batch” is appearing on Disney Plus for the occasion. Star Wars fans are also happy about this Allgäu, who belong to different fan groups: In Kempten the “Statera” members practice lightsaber fights and the “Star Wars Friends Allgäu” proudly present their own costumes – usually.

When Sturmtruppen and Darth Vader show up in Legoland or in cinemas, Peter Rösch is out Memmingen with it. He is one of the 35 “Star Wars Friends Allgäu”. The film lovers take part in various events in their costumes. They meet once a month to present their latest achievements and to exchange ideas. Due to the pandemic, the regulars’ table is currently only taking place virtually. “It’s a shame that the costumes are messing around,” says Rösch. He and his colleagues would like to go to the children’s hospice to please the little patients – “but that is too dangerous”.

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Photo gallery

These are the “Star Wars Friends Allgäu”

Due to the corona, the “Star Wars friends” also celebrate for themselves on Tuesday. “Many will watch the films again,” says Rösch. He’s especially looking forward to “Bad Batch”. Because the series is about elite clone warriors – and Rösch, as a passionate helmet collector, is hoping for some inspiration. As soon as the Corona rules allow, the “Star Wars Friends” want to amaze children and adults alike again outside.

“Statera” members not only perform lightsaber fights in Kempten

Another fan group from the Allgäu cannot celebrate Star Wars Day in the usual way either: Usually the “Statera” members come together on May 4th to practice choreographies of lightsaber fights. This is not only due on this special date, but usually twice a month, says manager Yannick Schesser, better known under the name “Ako”. They then perform the fights at events in Kempten and throughout the German-speaking area.

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The idea for this came to Schesser and the others when they wanted to put on a show for an event of the Mack (Manga Anime Connection Kempten) association in 2015. In the meantime they have become independent. The members are particularly fascinated by the acting and the sporting aspect, says Schesser.

Every Star Wars lightsaber of the “Statera” fighters from the Allgäu is different

This fascination is expressed in the performances. According to Schesser, the last one lasted about 35 minutes. The fighters trained for this for about 90 hours in total. The equipment, i.e. the lightsabers, also plays a major role. Schesser alone has ten swords at home. “One of them cost 350 euros,” he says.

Photo gallery

“Statera” – the lightsaber fighters in Kempten

Every sword is different: one is wielded with two hands, the other with one hand. Some are balanced, some are more top-heavy. In addition to combat swords, there are also accessory swords and swords that are suitable for “tricking”, ie for controlled spinning around.

As soon as it is possible again, both Allgäu Star Wars fan groups hope to be able to train together again, make appearances and, above all, celebrate Star Wars Day next year.

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By the way: Both “Star Wars Friends Allgäu” as well as “balance ” are always happy to welcome new members.


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