Star wars and the crash of the Skywalker saga: StarWarsDE

The last three star wars parts were rubbish. It is a cheap copy of the old space ships. There are no new things like interesting new plans or new lawns. The storm soldiers are just plain ugly and look ridiculous compared to the original ones. The story is so bad and boring that you shouldn’t even watch the film. Don’t get me wrong, but how stupid do you have to be to let Han die of your own son? Which scriptwriter writes something who ???? I mean Han solo is a popular character in Star Wars whoever kills in is hated as a character in Star Wars. And when we’re talking about kylo, how ridiculous is he, please. With his ridiculous mask and his outbursts when something doesn’t go according to plan. He’s also kidding Darv Vader. And to quickly enumerate the whole thing, it’s about how kylo goes from bad to good in the end. So what was all unnecessary that he killed his father and brought his mother to power so become one with power. For exactly nothing and again nothing. So the whole thing was a lot for nothing and again nothing. The starkiller base is just ugly, why is everything really red there? I really mean everything in the new part is red why? And armed a poor of destroyed Star Destroyers with deadly weapons? Really now how exaggerated is that please? The imperator alive again and cloned? Who then dies again and has not even played a major role in fighting? Ours help Luke Lea Han who didn’t even have an epic and last cool fight? So now honestly to the new and old star wars fans, how can you be at peace with something like that and be proud of it? I mean, we really haven’t got anything new. No new cool sith no cool heroes and no new space ships or cool plans or new turf. Just nothing. And by the way, what the new ones. As for heroes, they are so uncool and uninteresting. I mean first there was Anakin and Luke and now Rey was the Skywalker family. First of all, I think why Rey and not kylo makes no sense somehow. And yes I know she is related but still. And the problem of why Rey isn’t cool and popular like Anakin and Luke. Is because she just has nothing that makes her cool. Like an epic battle or a moment. Think about what Anakin has already experienced and made for epic battles and moments. Just like Luke and now compare that to Rey. You will find out for yourself where the problem is. And also Finn and the others in the group are just boring and just don’t interest anyone. The last three star wars parts were just bad and a lot of money.

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