Star Wars – Comic-Kollektion (ab 2016) – Band 119: Knights of the Old Republic IX: Krieg


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Star Wars – comic collection (from 2016)
Band 119: Knights of the Old Republic IX: Krieg

Under the leadership of the charismatic Revan many Jedi Knights oppose this Rat der Jedi and intervene in the fighting of the Mandalorian War. And also the peace-loving one Zayne Carrick is suddenly found at the Front again.

The final volumes of the Star Wars comic collection!

Other comics in the series:

Star Wars – comic collection (from 2016)
Band 14: Chewbacca
10,00 €
Star Wars – comic collection (from 2016)
Volume 1: In the shadow of Yavin
3,00 €
Star Wars – comic collection (from 2016)
Volume 4: Legends: Luke Skywalker – My Brother, My Enemy!
12,99 €
Star Wars – comic collection (from 2016)
Volume 5: Legends: The Purge
12,99 €
Star Wars – comic collection (from 2016)
Volume 1: In the shadow of Yavin
3,99 €
Star Wars – comic collection (from 2016)
Volume 2: A New Hope
8,99 €
Star Wars – comic collection (from 2016)
Volume 3: Darth Vader and the ghost prison
12,99 €
Star Wars – comic collection (from 2016)
Band 6: Dark Times
12,99 €
Star Wars – comic collection (from 2016)
Volume 7: The Empire Strikes Back
12,99 €
Star Wars – comic collection (from 2016)
Volume 8: Obi-Wan and Anakin
12,99 €
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