Star Wars Day: Cham Jedi Knights do not let themselves get down – city of Cham

The corona virus does not even stop at the power of Star Wars and the Jedi Academy Cham (JAC) is just finding out. The East Bavarian Lightsaber Fighting School is currently – like all other clubs – only on the virtual back burner. What are the star war fans doing despite Corona?

Jedi master Günther Engl reports on Star Wars Day “May the 4th be with you” (editor’s note: It reads like May the Force be with you and is intended as a play on words for “May the force be with you”) ). No meetings and get-togethers, no rehearsals for performances or joint construction of lightsabers: this has not been possible since the recent lockdown, and the JAC’s club life is suffering as a result. However, the Star Wars day on May 4th today is not to be missed.


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