Star Wars Day: Gigantic illustrated book celebrates prequel trilogy

Since 2011 it has been the unofficial holiday of all “Star Wars” fans: every year on May 4th they celebrate the films, characters and stories by George Lucas. In English, the date “May, the fourth” sounds amazingly similar to the “Star Wars” mantra “May the force be with you”. A now arrives just in time for the holiday Illustrated book on the market that pays tribute to the “Star Wars” prequel trilogy, ie the films released between 1999 and 2005 that predate the original trilogy.

“Star Wars” picture book for the prequel trilogy

“The Star Wars Archives. 1999–2005”, the title of the opulent illustrated book, comes from the British film author Paul Duncan, who delivered the previous model in 2019 and is concerned with the films of the seventies and eighties. Once again, Duncan has succeeded in submitting a book of superlatives. This not only applies to the dimensions and weight, but also in terms of content, the 600-page compendium is a real heavyweight. On the one hand, there are numerous photos from the films and from the shooting. On the other hand, the band gives exclusive glimpses behind the scenes of how characters and scenes were developed and finally brought to life on the computer.

Because with the films of the prequel series, George Lucas was finally able to technically implement what he had dreamed of in the seventies – and thus created a milestone in cinema history. “I’m not a big fan of technology. I’m a storyteller,” Lucas wrote in the foreword. “But in order to be able to tell my stories, I had to develop the necessary technologies.” This XXL photo book documents what it looked like in an impressive way. A must for every “Star Wars” fan!

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