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Welcome to the console seniors!

We are a German-speaking community that has been offering players over 30 years of age a home on the Internet since 2007, where they can exchange ideas with like-minded and adult players about their hobbies and arrange activities together.

Developed from the Xbox seniors (formerly: XBL seniors) and the PSN seniors, we now offer a cross-console discussion and appointment platform where respectful cooperation and fun with the hobby are in the foreground.

In addition to console-specific sub-forums and multi-platform game threads, we also offer a retro corner and an area where you can meet up for the ever-increasing number of games that support cross-platform play.

No matter whether you just want to discuss games, want to meet other players or just want to share your gaming experiences with others, you are very welcome with us.

Of course, you can just continue to read passively with us, but why not just grab your keyboard, register with us and actively help shape the community by participating?

We look forward to you!

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