Star Wars reveals Chewbacca’s true nickname

For years, Chewbacca served as Han Solo’s second mate on the Millennium Falcon, smuggling spices and living the life of a criminal under the tyrannical rule of the Empire. But like the original Star Wars He advanced the trilogy, he became one of the most iconic heroes of the Rebellion.

Chronologically speaking, Chewie first appeared in Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and helped Yoda get out of Kashyyyk. However, after the fall of the Galactic Republic, Palpatine’s legions mercilessly destroyed their green planet and enslaved the Wookiees. It’s here that Chewbacca meets the scruffy-looking nerf herder for the first time, and in no less than an Imperial prison. The two decide to work together to escape and eventually become fellow travelers. Later, when Solo and Beckett pass through Kessel, the furry creature decides to help his fellow Wookiees escape slavery, an action that apparently later became a habit.

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In fact, according to an account in the recently linked post, From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back, which celebrates the film’s 40th anniversary, Chewie had an epic nickname within the imperial ranks to free the Wookiees in their travels. As revealed by the bounty hunter Bossk, he is known as the “Chain Breaker.”

While the Skywalker saga never even remotely touched Chewie’s fearsome renown, the reveal is nonetheless interesting trivia. After all, within the Star Wars tradition, the character is the best friend, not to mention a most trusted ally. And while most people know not to get in his way, we never imagined that he was as threatening and respectable a figure as Chewbacca the Chainbreaker.

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