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Status: 02/18/2021 3:03 p.m.

At the Wirth carpentry shop in Rostock, eleven trainees are currently building a Snowspeeder. The idea to replicate the space glider from the famous Hollywood series “Star Wars” goes back to the carpenter and Star Wars fan Joss Sander. He first infected his boss and then the apprentices with his enthusiasm.

Planing, grinding, drilling, gluing, polishing – eleven trainees from Rostock’s Wirth carpenter’s workshop do not just learn their trade at boring tables or other furniture objects – they try their hand at a snowspeeder – a lightly armed space glider with a pilot and a gunner from the famous Hollywood Series from George Lucas to Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Co. They even sacrifice their free time for this. They come together twice a week to continue working on the six meter long and almost five wide model.

Star Wars fan infected boss and trainees with his passion

The idea for the project came from Joss Sander. The Dutchman has been working in the carpentry shop for eight years – at the time he moved to the Hanseatic city for love. Sander is a die-hard Star Wars fan. He’s even built other full-size models for the LucasFilm production company. Sander first infected his boss, Olaf Wirth, and then the trainees with his passion. Now they are also learning everything they need to be a carpenter – from construction drawings on the computer to woodworking, upholstery, metal construction and electronics.

“We want to build it exactly as it looks like in the film”

The shell is pretty close to the original. But there is still much to be done. “Hundreds of parts are still missing,” says Sander. “Light emitting diodes, upholstery, metal parts.” The model maker estimates that his team will be busy with the Snowspeeder for another four to five months. Because one thing is clear: “We want to build it exactly as the film looks like,” says Sander. The fans should think that this is the original. This also requires the right sound. “So that the engines roar, appropriate speakers are installed,” says Sander. A kind of stroboscope should also be installed. “So that the thing lives.”

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Snowspeeder should be able to be admired in “Outpost One” in Dassow

On-board computers are also to be built into the cockpit, the cockpit of which can be opened later. When the Snowspeeder is ready at Easter, more than 1,000 working hours are in it. If everything works, the Snowspeeder should be brought to Dassow (Northwest Mecklenburg district) to the Star Wars Museum “Outpost One” so that as many fans of the series as possible can marvel at it.

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