It’s the season of giving and that’s exactly what the Motive team has in mind for Star Wars ™: Squadrons! In this sense, Electronic Arts, Motive and Lucasfilm thank their players by releasing not one, but two drops of free content during the Christmas season.

On Wednesday, November 25, the first update will be released that will bring players an all-new map of one of the fan-favorite locations: Fostar Haven. This new map will be available both in Fleet Battle mode and in Space Combat mode. Additionally, this update comes with several new components for the ships, including a boost extension kit, boosters, prototype perforating torpedoes and one anti material missile turret.

The second installment of Christmas supplies will arrive in December and will feature some of the most requested content by the community, ¡¡starting with two new iconic starfighters!

  • A/SF-01 B-wing: a new starfighter for New Republic pilots
  • TIE/d “Defender”: The multi-role starfighter will join the Imperial Navy fleet.

Alongside these starfighters, Motive is also introducing custom games on all seven maps in both Space Combat and Fleet Battle. Custom games will make it easier for more players to participate in community-run tournaments, which have been popular with players since the game’s launch.

You can learn more about upcoming supply drops in the latest pilot report from Star Wars: Squadrons, which includes a personal “thank you” from Creative Director Ian Frazier here. Additional material can be found for content updates here.

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