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This Christmas Star Wars: Squadrons will offer two free content updates featuring the new Port Fostar map and two new starfighters.

Specifically, the A / SF-01 B-wing starfighter will land for New Republic pilots while the multi-role starfighter TIE / d Defender will join the fleet of the Imperial Navy.

The season of gifts is here, and that is precisely what the Motive team has in mind for Star Wars: Squadrons. Electronic Arts, Motive and Lucasfilm have wanted to thank the support of their followers offering up to two free video game content releases during the holiday season.

On Wednesday, November 25, the first update will be added that will offer players a new map inspired by one of the favorite locations of fans of the saga. It is about Puerto Fostar, an old space station that he served as a trading post for the Galactic Empire.

This new map will be available in both Fleet Battles as in Starfighter mode. Additionally, this update will include several new components for the ship, including a Thruster Expansion Kit, Rockets, Armor-Piercing Torpedo Prototypes, and a Antimatter rocket turret.

Star Wars Squadrons showcases its gameplay in detailed new video

Star Wars Squadrons showcases its gameplay in detailed new video

The second delivery of Christmas supplies will arrive in December and will feature some of the most requested content by the community, starting with two new iconic starfighters.

• The A / SF-01 B-wing starfighter aEarth for New Republic pilots
• The versatile TIE / d Defender starfighter will join to the fleet of the Imperial Navy

Along with these starfighters, Motive will also introduce custom games on all seven maps both in mode Fight like in Fleet Battles.

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These custom games will facilitate the participation of more players in community-run tournaments, which have been popular with gamers since the game’s launch.

Source: EA

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