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George Lucas has created an epic that will also delight future generations in terms of film technology.
And you have to keep in mind that the first film about this was shown in cinemas on May 25, 1977.

Over the years, George Lucas has likely made more money from Star Wars merchandising than the actual movies, and there’s no end in sight.

Actually, the world of Star Wars is clearly divided into the good and the bad as well as people who are pulled over from the good to the dark side.

And for years, Star Wars has also been popular with children, regardless of whether it is trading cards or LEGO. And of course one mustn’t forget the electronic games in this series that keep delighting gamers.

With Star Wars: Squadrons EA has long released a game that is reminiscent of the 90s, when many gamers played the X Wing series.

Picture EA

With this title too, you can decide whether you want to go into battle as a rebel or as an empire. The main focus of the game is the multiplayer, in which the players have to compete against each other.

Various goals must be fulfilled in the battle. The spaceships that both sides own can be changed accordingly in the game.

The special thing about the game is that if you meet the technical requirements, you can put on VR glasses and surrender to the infinite expanse of space.

You couldn’t do that in any other Star Wars title. By using the virtual reality glasses you really have the feeling that only the ships are flying past you to the right and left.

Picture EA

Just impressive. You have never had such a gaming experience before. But you can also first opt ​​for the campaign, which lasts on average 10 to 12 hours with good gaming experience. You start out as a simple pilot and gradually climb up.

Once you attack and the other time you defend. In the meantime, a story is told. The actual story begins at the end of the story “Return of the Jedi Knights”. Unfortunately, it’s just a shame that there are only eight ships available to play with.

By being able to design your ships individually, this shortcoming is compensated for. It is controlled with the gamepad, which in turn adapts perfectly to the game.


“Star Wars: Squadrons” is a fast paced game with stunning graphics that only come into play on a large screen.

Whether campaign or multiplayer, both variants are just plain fun.

Especially in multiplayer you can compete against other family members. The older players will get nostalgic with this game, because everything reminds of the time when you fought great battles with X-Wings.

The use of VR glasses is of course the icing on the cake.

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