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Star Wars: Squadrons by publisher SHE and developers Motive Studios enjoyed a good launch: The game entered the UK charts for physical sales to second place in the last two weeks and was able to sell significantly more online (see our report here and here). The critics are quite positive, with 79/100 for the Metascore. However, the user rating is only 5.9 / 10, both values ​​for the PS4 version, which by the way also comes with VR and HOTAS support. On the PC it looks identical to 80/100 and 5.5 / 10. All values ​​are on Metacritic visible.

So has SHE after this Star Wars: Battlefront 2-Microtransactions fiasco now in the last two offshoots of the Star Wars-Universe waived additional DLC or MTX. Seems like they’re trying to do something good with it.

Indeed, it comes with a touch of irony that gamers like additional content for Star Wars: Squadrons would see. The basis of the gameplay is so good that the game would benefit greatly from other modes and maps. However, one has that SHE issued a rejection. The developer has also made a clear statement in this regard:


We don’t want to say, “It’s almost done” and then dribble out more of it over time, which is, to be honest, how most games work these days.

We tried to do it in a kind of old school approach and say, “You paid the $ 40, this is the game and it’s completely self-contained. We don’t plan on adding any more content, this is the game and we hope you can appreciate the value for the price.

Have you already Star Wars: Squadrons played? did you do a lap of the cockpit as a pilot with the PSVR, or did you just go flat? How do you like it that you don’t plan any additional content?


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