Star Wars: Squadrons – Review


The Star Wars universe plunges us back into its inexhaustible fantasy after a long time without games of ships and space combat.

Let’s start from the basis that analyzing a game like Star Wars: Squadrons is always going to be entertaining, mainly because knowing the saga and all its details will allow us to experience the immersion that means putting ourselves in the role of a character of the empire in another way. or the rebel alliance.

It is at that moment that this title begins to charm and after a few minutes of testing it, we begin to feel that we are facing a very good game.

Star Wars: Squadrons, codes we already know

From the music to the setting and the entire graphic section of the game configures a very positive outlook for our first games. Wanting to live this universe and add all the atmosphere of the saga, is something that stands out in Squadrons, where we will have a world of details in front of us.

Arcade or simulation?

A while ago we were analyzing Microsoft Flight Simulator, for sure, the best airplane simulator that exists. In that sense, if we have to compare Squadrons with MFS, we get a very good ship arcade, where it will only take us a few minutes to get used to the characteristics of a Tie-Fighter or an X-Wing, a matter of worrying more about the battles that of how an intergalactic combat ship is handled.

Rest assured that the experience will be much simpler than flying a real plane in the Microsoft simulator.

Tie Fighter Star Wars Squadrons

Another highlight of Star Wars: Squadrons is that we can experience history from two points of view, the empire and the rebels. Assuming different characters means that we can also handle different ships, which stand out for their design and details when we get into the driving cabin.

History is the weakest

The development of the game becomes very routine and the story follows the same rhythm all the time, going from battles, going to the base, a couple of conversations or animations and back to battle. It is good to note that conversations are not a big deal and seem to be more out of commitment than for a relevant reason.

Historia Star Wars Squadrons

When we are battling in space, the difference between one mission and another is not very great, which makes the progress of the missions a bit monotonous.

Anyway, this Story Mode is not too long to end up bored, which is a good thing if you don’t have as much variety after more than 10 hours.

Multiplayer Crossplay

The story mode will serve as training for what is coming in the multiplayer mode, where we will join other pilots in the 2 types of missions that we will have available. Crossplay is present in this mode so that we can play with friends, regardless of the platform we have.

Another success in Star Wars: Squadrons is that we will not have to get into the world of micropayments, so any improvement we want to make within the game will be by our own effort. If we add to this that EA did not give a AAA price to this title, it is appreciated to have a good game that we can add to our collection for an acceptable price and far from what is going to be paid for a Next video game. -Gen.

Final thoughts

Star Wars: Squadrons is undoubtedly a game that every Star Wars fan must have. It has very few negative details, or rather, that could have been better.

We will have fun and good times assured, the immersion will also be a highlight when flying through this space and jumping at the speed of light, in a title that makes up for lost time and that could perfectly continue this path in the coming years.

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