Star Wars: Squadrons Test – Preview

Once upon a time …

After Electronic Arts hadn’t shown a lucky hand with the Star Wars license, after Jedi: Fallen Order there is now the next bright spot in the galaxy – Star Wars: Squadrons! Here you should be able to experience space battles as they are known to game veterans from the times of Wing Commander and Star Wars: TIE Fighter. Our test shows whether the plan is working and still working today.

These are actually glorious times for the former rebels. The empire is defeated, the new republic rises from the ruins of the emperor’s bondage. But the last fragments of the imperial fleet just don’t give up. They hold on to any remaining straw and try to harm the rebels who still seem treacherous.

This is your starting point in the latest franchise offshoot Star Wars: Squadrons, in which you get to face both sides of the war in action-packed space battles. You alternately steer the ships of the empire and those of the new republic, from the X-Wing to the TIE fighter, in order to help the side that sees itself in the right to victory. Developer Motive Studios donated not only a multiplayer, but also a pure single player campaign.

In this you get the story of the fight between light and shadow in addition to the obligatory cut scenes in static 3D scenarios. You will attend briefings in which your mission goals will be brought closer to you by familiar and new characters from the Star Wars universe and you will be able to talk to your squadron colleagues in the HQ and in the hangar.

Here you notice for the first time that the title was apparently originally intended as a VR title – and even offers VR support on PC and PS4. Because instead of being allowed to move freely in the room, your character just stands rigidly in the area. You have to laboriously select interlocutors and mission actions with the controller. You don’t see any dynamic in the conversations either. The characters rattle off their moderately written dialogues and then leave the room. You are left stupid in the area.

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