Star Wars Squadrons will add new ships, maps and modes for free

EA Motive will continue to support its latest Star Wars installment with new content

Despite the initial mistrust, Star Wars: Squadrons ended up surprising fans of the franchise after receiving great critical support on the day of its premiere. Recently, EA Motive has already confirmed be working on your next project, but within the team they seem to have no intention of abandoning their latest success.

Thanks to a press release, the company confirmed that Star Wars: Squadrons will receive soon two new DLC for free. One will be released this very day, November 25, while the other will wait until December.

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Speaking in more detail about its contents, this month’s DLC will include a new map highly requested by the community, Fostar Haven, in addition to four new components to implement in our ships. Here you can see each of them:

  • Thruster expansion kit, for the Fighters and Bombers class.
  • ION rockets, for the Interceptors and Fighters class
  • Antimatter rocket turret, for U-wing and TIE reaper fighters
  • Armor-piercing torpedoes, for the Fighters and Bombers class

On the other hand, the December additions will bring with them great news like the custom games, two new fighters and a new skin for the B-wing ship.

“December will bring some of our most requested content to date”

It is also important to emphasize that these DLC, apart from the aforementioned content, will also bring with them the multiple bug fixes, roll changes and tuning.

Star Wars: Squadrons is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

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