Star Wars: The Mandalorian – Film for the successful series is conceivable |

Jon Favreau explains: “We are definitely open and excited about where the story will lead us, and we are very flexible – because there are no more rules. Technology always offers new ways to tell stories in new ways. ” […] A potential film for The Mandalorian is not a priority for now. Should he come, it would make sense if we saw him on Disney +. (Via)

The second season starts in two weeks and I’m REALLY in the mood for it. A third season has already been ordered and it is said that filming will start this year. And showrunner Jon Favreau also said that he thinks he can shoot despite Corona restrictions, as most of the actors wear masks and costumes during the shoot anyway.

As for a movie, a prequel with the backstory of the Mandalorian would definitely make sense. So please always bring it to me!

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