Star Wars the Mandalorian: Gina Carano lashes out at Disney and accuses the company of bullying

The Mandalorian will not feature Gina Carano for the next few seasons. The actress will not be Cara Dune again in the series, as Disney decided to fire her after she compared being a Republican today to the situation of Jews during the nazi holocaust. The interpreter, however, has a different point of view. In an interview with the right-wing Ben Shepiro, Carano has denounced an alleged harassment campaign by the Mickey Mouse company. It maintains that it has not been the only one to be singled out by the company founded by Walt Disney.

“I’ve been thinking a lot and now I clearly see the bullying that has taken place,” he says. And I’ve seen it before I have not been the only one who has remained marginalized by this company”. Carano argues that he could share a story with which the industry would turn upside down, “but I can’t because it would be leaving a friend with whom I do not share the same views sold.” In this sense, he affirms that he is not “going to sell to anyone” to “take the attention off him.”

Goodbye to the spin-off with Cara Dune

The truth is that Gina Carano has starred in several controversies on social networks throughout these months. His comments haven’t gone unnoticed and Lucasfilm has finally decided to take the plunge. The character of Cara Dune, in principle, will not return with a new actress, despite the rumors that have been heard. Everything seemed to indicate that Rangers of the New Republic It was the one indicated for Carano as the protagonist, but that is already completely ruled out.

Disney, meanwhile, issued a press release announcing that the actress was no longer employed by Lucasfilm and that there were no plans for her to be in the future. He called the comments “unacceptable” and “abominable.”

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The Mandalorian is renewed for a third season.

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