Star Wars: The Reason Natalie Portman’s Children Didn’t See The Prequels | Spoiler

It’s no secret that the prequels of ‘Star Wars’ They are not among the fan favorites, beyond the affection they have for being part of the great universe created by George Lucas in 1977 with the launch of ‘A New Hope’. In 1999, the filmmaker brought the saga to the big screen again with a story prior to the events set in the original trilogy, starring one of the young talents of the time: Natalie Portman.

More than 20 years after the premiere, the actress who won the Oscar in 2011 for ‘The Black Swan’, who played the remembered ‘Padme Amidala’he told the site Yahoo in an interview that did not show the films to his nine-year-old son Aleph and three-year-old daughter Amalia. He confesses the reasons, in addition to commenting that the older boy saw recent productions.

Natalie Portman como ‘Padme Amidala’.

+ The reason your kids didn’t watch the prequels:

Explain it Portman in his own words: “It’s so much fun being a part of something that kids relate to so much. I think it’s very strange for them to think of me as anything other than their mother.”. Add: “It feels really lucky to be a part of something that is every child’s imaginary world. It’s so exciting to be able to impress my children a little.”.

In 2019, the actress opened up about the bad reviews that the prequels in which she played ‘Padme’ received: “It was difficult. It was a bummer because it seemed like people were so excited and then they were disappointed. Over time, they have been reassessed by many people who really love her now. There is a group of people who think they are the best! I don’t have enough perspective to comment “.

The truth is that these children will soon see their mother as ‘Jane Foster’ in the next Marvel movie ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. Also, once they see ‘The Phantom Menace’, ‘Attack of the clones’ Y ‘Revenge of the Sith’, they can continue with cartoons o el live-action ‘The Mandalorian’, which will return on October 30 for its second season.



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