Star Wars: The Return of Palpatine Placed Before ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

The Palpatine’s resurrection is an idea that has been ruminating in Star Wars for a long time. And no, we are not talking about the Expanded Universe. In 2015, when the new cinematic universe began after Return of the Jedi by Disney and Lucasfilm, there are already traces and ideas that could have served as clues or Plot pretexts for the return of Emperor Palpatine in The rise of Skywalker, but the scriptwriters and creators of the film ignored them all and decided to take other routes. However, not even Colin Trevorrow, who nearly directed Episode 9, thought of reliving it. Now through ScreenRant we are reminded that Chuck Wendig he already wanted to play with the concept of his return years ago.

An idea that was penetrating deep into Lucasfilm

Let’s start with the basics: Trevorrow didn’t want to bring Emperor Palpatine back when he worked for months on the ninth episode of Star Wars, and has acknowledged that it was Abrams’ idea. “Honestly, nothing like it ever occurred to me. I congratulate him on it. It was a difficult story to figure out and tell, and he found the key.”, he concluded on his day. But many disagreed with the return of the villainous Sith Lord. Rather for the forms than for the fact itself. The Rise of Skywalker avoid revealing how I survived Palpatine, something that ended up being explained in soap operas o go cmics annexes, and that many knew little. It took multiple formats and parallel stories to confirm that the Emperor had a clone body prepared on the hidden Sith planet of Exegetically, a place that we already talked about in its day.

When he died in Return of the Jedi, his spirit fled to this last Sith stronghold, hidden in the most distant regions of the galaxy. Unfortunately, the Sith’s plan was rushed, clumsy, and somewhat improvised and the engineered clone body could not contain Palpatine’s twisted spirit, which began to decompose, and for years they searched for containers that would work or house its dark entity, being the father of Rey one of these failed clones. As we can see in The rise of Skywalker, your body is already damaged and weak, and you need to find a new one. But, strangely enough, the canon of Star Wars I had already established the hypothetical return of Palpatine, and had ignored it completely, showing how improvised the construction of the film trilogy has been and the lack of care in many aspects of Lucasfilm in the plot coherence. The trilogue Aftermath de Chuck Wendig (Consequences in Spain) already explored the end of the Galactic Civil War, telling the story of the collapse of the Galactic Empire after the sixth episode, and delving into the origins of the future First Order and the New Republic.

There are traces of a possible resurrection of the Emperor in novels and comics of the new canon from 2015

In these novels it is explained how two loyalists to Palpatine, one of whom was convinced that the Emperor would return, performing a dark ritual that involved a Sith mask and a Holocron. The ceremony was never fully explained, but Yupe Tashu’s character clearly believed that these items were somehow tied to a way of bringing the resurrected Emperor back. “Palpatine is still alive. We will meet him again in the dark. Everything has been arranged as our Master predicted. Everything is moving towards the grand design. All sacrifices have been made.”, they remarked in the novel. The trilogue Aftermath designed Tashu as a loyalist fanatic, and as a result, many of the readers assumed that these rituals and comments were nothing more than a joke, a guide to the resurrection of the Emperor in the old Expanded Universe, but in the end it turned out to be especially prophetic.


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