Star Wars: Why Boba Fett Is So Popular Despite His Short Screen Time

In the cinema there are characters who become unforgettable, and Star Wars has some: names like Darth Vader, Leia and Luke Skywalker are familiar even among people who have not declared themselves fans of the saga created by George Lucas in the seventies. But just as we have these science fiction icons, there are also characters that if you turn your gaze for a second off the screen you will miss them. Boba Fett is a rare example of the latter, because regardless of the short time he appeared in the films of the original trilogy, and that death that is ridiculous at least, he managed to be as popular as those mentioned above or even a little more, depending of whether the Mandalorians are your favorite thing in the franchise and not the Jedi or Sith, for example.

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Boba Fett’s masked face has sparked the imaginations of Star Wars fans for generations. Despite barely having screen time in the entire saga and even fewer lines, this mercenary remains one of the most popular characters ever created, so much so that Boba Fett basically inspired an entire race of armored warriors who remain. a vital part of the Star Wars lore today, which is now extremely popular thanks to The Mandalorian series – 91%, whose episodes on Disney Plus have brought those who already knew about their existence closer to Mandalorians as well as new generations.

The reason why he is so popular is as much a mystery as the character himself, so we could find several factors that influence this. As part of the original trilogy, the bounty hunter appears on screen for just over two minutes and only had four moments of dialogue (it will depend on each one if the scream is counted). Maybe we got all the Boba Fett action we needed in the form of his clone dad, Jango Fett (played by Temuera Morrison). He provided the base for the great army of the Republic and was a space gunman; In short, he did much more than Boba could do at the hands of his own George Lucas.

But Boba had a jetpack that fired missiles! He was a tough guy to love and he became a cult. The original trilogy introduced an enigma in cool armor, which Darth Vader entrusted with catching the rogue scum, but we never got more than that. Or maybe yes, just not through the movies and then we will tell you how it was achieved.

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From toy to stardom

Such an important factor for Disney, which at the time was for the people involved when Star Wars only belonged to Lucasfilm, is the sale of merchandise. The action figures can be favorable so that the public, especially the children of that time, can become familiar with the character while inventing adventures with him. Before appearing in the movies, Boba Fett was a special action toy from the start, because the only way to get it was by gathering four proofs of purchase of toys from other Star Wars characters. Unlike the others, this mysterious character had a description that was sure to cause intrigue, since to raise expectations he was sold as “A fearsome interplanetary bounty hunter. A threat to the Rebel Alliance, especially Han Solo. A new character in the Star Wars sequel. “

The figure’s release was in 1979, so for the premiere of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back – 94%, children and young people of the time (and adults too) already possessed the figure. They had already imagined many stories with her, they had already created a thousand ideas of what she could do in the second film of the original trilogy and how much she could rival Han Solo and the rebels. Knowing the way in which collecting works, we also assume that the figure of Boba Fett was something that everyone wanted to have and a sign of prestige for those who already had it in their collections compared to those who did not. What nobody expected was that it was not necessarily going to be an important character who has his own action figure, and the company that manufactured them, the famous Kenner company, created many of them even though some are difficult (or impossible). ) to find on screen.

Thanks to Jon Favreau, many characters who went unnoticed in movies have earned the respect of fans through episodes of The Mandalorian. IG-88 is a great example of this in even Din Djarin, who is in a way vindicating Boba Fett. At the time, it was also an advantage for this method of hooking with action figures that there were no cinematographic universes with two or three films to present and develop each character that appeared. When the original trilogy was released, no one imagined that it was going to become a mega franchise.

And from death to glory?

The only thing that saved the character from being forgotten after his poor participation in the saga and a ridiculous death, was that several years later he was revived in almost all production and / or content of the franchise. Fans had to wait until 1996, in The Tales of the Bounty Hunters to find out that the bounty hunter got out alive thanks to Dengar’s help. The following year, in The Mandalorian Armor, the first in a series of three books on the Expanded Universe (Legends), there is more detail on how he survived by escaping the sarlacc. But the success of the character did not stop after “reviving”. Boba Fett became the protagonist of a large number of comics, some of them from the Dark Horse label, as well as earned a major role in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where we could see one more of the clone’s life as a child, as well as his way to become the famous bounty hunter of the movies.

This character continues to appear very frequently in new merchandise, meaning that it is easy to find him in a variety of places and forms ranging from action figures to clothing with his image. Few Star Wars characters come out with the same expectations, and despite everything they end up succeeding, which makes this Mandalorian all the more special.

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