StarCraft II: Blizzard ends its contents

Ten years after its launch, Blizzard ends content development for StarCraft II. While it is true that the RTS of the Californian company had not received great news, we had been able to enjoy small playable “pills”.

Most of them have corresponded with the so-called “commanders” who, although they did not suppose an overwhelming content, did add variety to StarCraft II. At this point, Blizzard has announced that development of this RTS is complete and that the dedicated team will move to other projects.

So, Blizzard will stop offering playable content for RTS although it will continue to make adjustments for the multiplayer facet. Given that the game is quite established, work in this field will not be particularly prolific either and the company has revealed that this year it will not release any patches for the game. Of course, he promises to do it “when needed in the future.”

Since Blizzard they assure that thanks to this change the future of the StraCraft universe may continue to unfold. A statement that may mean that in the future we can see more games set in this world outside of the strategy genre. In any case, it seems that we will still have to wait to know the future of this franchise.

Although StarCraft II Don’t get any more official content, the Arcade mode of this title offers a huge number of scenarios and game modes created by fans with which the life of this title can be extended practically indefinitely.

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