Stars Wars Medley, Metropolitan Philharmonic of the Aburrá Valley

As a tribute to the international day of Star Wars and characterizing the diversity of the Metropolitan Philharmonic of the Aburrá Valley, Stars Wars Medley is launched today, a musical composition with arrangements by Alex Zuluaga and under the direction of maestro Alejandro Vásquez Mejía, what an honor to the science fiction saga.

This production contains a three-part arrangement, made exclusively by the Metropolitan Philharmonic of the Valley of Aburrá, and is part of the part of the sum of efforts of several city projects in search of resistance in times of economic difficulty for the sector of the entertainment.

The video was made by Koreano Sungmin, who was in the city and wanted to join the initiative.

“For me, coming to Medellín and collaborating with its artists as musicians, cartoonists, dancers, videographers, is like a life lesson. The life of the people here is not only home and work, they enjoy life with a lot of music and dance, with rhythms like cumbia and reggaeton ”

The video features the visual design and lighting of Design Visual and Lighting Flexo, an artist from the city, who is proud to participate in it.

The invitation is to enjoy this project that brings together art and an unprecedented staging through the Youtube channel of the Metropolitan Philharmonic of the Aburrá Valley.

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